Dear Viewers,

We are creatively thrilled to present on our website a visual display of extraordinary images from my private collection. Between 1976 and 1985, I was commissioned to produce Audio Visual shows, live events, and product launches through my company, Genesis Communications, by some of Britain’s top companies ranging from British Gas, British Telecom, Rolls Royce, Revlon, and British Leyland, along with some hugely popular independent companies of the day.

I loved the creation, Directing and Producing, along with being Director of Photography, of these shows and events, and the compilation of the many music tracks required to complement the awesome visuals. I would stay up for twenty to twenty-five hours in seeking the essential tracks to back up my interpretation of what the image should express to the audience. This is why I am so very proud of my achievement as gold medal winner in 1984 for best A/V and music, against twenty-four countries and over 400 entries. So, please put your headset on, bump the volume up, and enjoy the results my 100 hours of research, seeking out the right moment and length of time for each image and each different piece of music, and blending it all into one, creating a third dimension which is the fusion of the elements brought to life by light and movement. These were amongst the most deeply satisfying and happiest of times in my life. Please tune in and enjoy.

John Levene
(John Anthony Blake)








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