The consequence of illiteracy and ignorance. Add to that “utter stupidity” you end up with a prison full of worthless people who constantly pray on the elderly and vulnerable and when viewed through the eyes of “common sense” and the “status quo” of our society, there is no option left but to punish and put into captivity those who break the law, and have a total disregard for common law & human dignity.

These observations I make truly are my own personal view, for I have little knowledge of the law, especially the laws of countries other than my own. However the failure of this mass of criminal activity has to be fought with the full power of the law and accept the subsequent outcome.

You will have gathered by now that I was visiting the criminal court in the centre of Downtown Los Angeles where the public are allowed to sit in on any trial they wish to, to observe the “American legal system in action” and I must say that every one of the sixty court rooms are in operation and so many of the cases.

“What does it take to change the true essence of a man”
Quote from the Steven Segal Movie




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