My return to California on the 1st of November 2013 was utterly gratifying, after three years in England. The purpose for my return visit was many fold. Firstly to visit and spend quality time with one of my best and loyal friends in an area of southern California that can only be described as a paradise. Meeting with him was an absolute delight. We are so in tune with each other, which then results in pure joy in everything we do.

Simply going to the cinema or just looking in a shop window turns into a mini adventure. For this I thank him and his wife from the bottom of my heart. Having a friend like that is a one in a lifetime occurrence.

There is one dynamic moment that could have altered my long awaited return to L.A. and that was the shooting of the T.S.A. Agent at Los Angeles airport. Total panic along with the pure panic of the mass of travellers that fill this airport 24 hours a day, just 12 hours post to my landing on my favourite airline, that airline being Air New Zealand. It was wonderful to return to see that familiar endless sunshine and to revisit friends in the Burbank area was most heartfelt. So all in all, it has been so rewarding and fulfilling. It had been 3 years since my forced return to England, the country of my birth and so once more I must loudly and with pride say a resounding thank you to all the friends for making my 3 week return to the USA so incredibly special. But more than that it was the extraordinary events that these close friends involved me in. It was the most diverse series of venues across Los Angeles.

Firstly going to see the music group rehearsals in a beautiful church in a splendid part of the “Old Pasadena”. Also I was invited to the 25th Anniversary of an exclusive club in the Burbank area. Then the next day we treated ourselves to a movie called “Last Vegas” very funny and the subject matter of the film was so close to our own lives. It reminded us of the wonderful times we enjoyed over the 15 years of our friendship, when we would enjoy our weekly visit to the cinema, especially as it was an “I Max in 3D”. Then we were offered 2 fabulous tickets to an “Ice Hockey” game in Downtown Los Angeles at the famous Staples Centre. This will be a first for myself. So all in all this trip has developed into a spectacular visit, so full of activity. Also of course there are so many Dr Who fans who cannot get enough of my telling of my extraordinary time in this fantastic franchise called Dr Who.

However even with all of this the crown jewel of my trip is to record my second CD in a Hollywood recording studio located on “Hollywood Way” in Burbank. I cannot wait. The main joy of this is to be working with David Siebels, the arranger – producer – and top drawer musician. I never dreamed I would be able to attempt singing at the stage of my life. Also I now have a wonderful agent out of Henderson, Nevada, who signed me up this year on my visit to Atlanta in Georgia. So next year could be a lovely year for meeting new Dr Who fans.

One more mention to anyone making a trip to the USA, is to travel on my own chosen airline and that is Air New Zealand. Without doubt the nicest and most enjoyable way to get to America.

So to each and every one of you that visit John, we wish you what you would wish yourselves. Until our next blog, Good Luck and may your own particular God go with you.  




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