As most of you visit John Levene.com you will have seen the ad for my first attempt at becoming a recording artist. We have some wonderful and positive feedback from so many of you that either bought the CD or downloaded it on i-tunes or amazon.com.

So with that in mind I simply had to give you our update on the recording of our second CD to be released in mid 2014, tentatively titled “Benton Sings the Blues”.

Allow me first to give you a little of the “back story” as to the “why and when” of my studio booking in Hollywood. Having been invited along with every other Dr Who actor to the “BIG” 50TH Anniversary in London on 22nd, 23rd and 24th November 2013.

However my own situation was altered by the fact that my original studio booking was intended to be in the last week of July but my producer/arranger was booked for a feature movie sound track, so we had to book the only other time which was the third week in November, which coincided with the massive Dr Who 50th Anniversary event in London.

Now here is good news. Our recording went so extraordinarily well that I can only thank God for the choice I made to go ahead with our November recording date. The reason being was that it all turned out in spectacular fashion and these are the elements that made it so special. Number One was the incredible California sunshine along with our drive into Hollywood from high up in the Hollywood Hills…

L.A. Recording Studio

and then the utter pleasure of simply working in a recording studio with my producer/arranger who is so in tune with every aspect of what it takes to “make music”. Another vital part of this process is of course “the choice of songs” and this is naturally personal to the singer. In this case myself and you think about the songs that all of you love over your lifetime you will understand just how important the choice you make is.

Might I at this juncture and without vanity say that the 1A songs I chose over the 2 year build up to this recording was so very well received by Dave Siebels that my confidence just soared, which of course leads to an overall excitement when you hear the finished product.

Now after I arrive back in England Dave will weave his musical magic and talent in mixing the vocals with the music backing track. Then he delivers it to me the complete CD in approx. 3 months, at which time we go into the “graphic design” of the CD cover, then comes the duplication and packaging, add that to the download on i-tunes and amazon.com.

We truly feel that we have achieved an excellent product that hopefully our fans will purchase a copy of.

In closing, my ultimate thanks must go to Dave Siebels and Kent Edens for their hearts, their time and their fondness for “yours truly” Sgt Benton.  




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