All of us at one time in our young lives, when watching television or motion pictures, see a particular hero in action, beating and killing the evil villain. We all witness breathtaking pursuits and fights like we dream of being able to execute at the very moment it may be required. I say out loud to my wife, Jennifer, when watching such a feature, in particular the recent release of “The Bourne Ultimatum”, that for that pinpoint moment in time you want to extinguish the bad people of the world, rapists, murders, and the like, who attack the innocent among us. All we people who consider ourselves essentially “good” wish to see the evil bastards dealt with in a severe but fair manner. It appeals to our sense of right and wrong.

Taking this into consideration, as fans of our wonderful show you can well imagine my inner thrill and explosive joy at getting the part of Sgt. John Benton, a quiet hero, always there when needed. Benton turned out to be the kind of man I always wished to be; lucky, sometimes funny and never forgets his past.


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