What you cannot do, in any way, shape or form, without experience, is understand the feeling of isolation when you live in a country that is not your own. This is not a complaint; it is simply an observation from a middle-aged, world-traveled Englishman living here in the faltering United States of America. My bold country of Great Britain is also out of kilter with its once glorious past.

I have been stirred by your most recent political theatre. Lies, truths and utter confusion, however, something good could emerge to release us from this quicksand of despondence we find ourselves in at present.

My luck is, without question, that I have my wife of twenty years, who is brimming with natural creativity, which of course suits my similar nature. I do not mind admitting, we live a socially simple life, built on what comes to the fore after we go through honest compromise. So, running mountains, hiking, golf, and a healthy diet has allowed us to avoid debt, or even thinking of keeping with the Jones’. Who the fuck are the Jones’ anyway, and why should we care what they think? Our friends are an exotic mix of extraordinary people, met in extraordinary circumstances.

When Jeni and I have climbed for a tough hour to the summit in the foothills above Burbank, we rest and look in wonderment at the San Fernando Valley lying like a huge animal skin, pinned out to dry. We look down on the 2.5 million people who are not up the mountain because the mall is easier to conquer, with that living cancer called a “credit card”, but to each his own. We run down for approximately 2½ miles to our patient and reliable 1973 Cadillac Coupe De Ville, parked in the shade in the parking lot below. There is not a word that comes to mind to describe our elation at the pure risk of that run, and at moments the trail is almost impassable on the mountainside, often just a human foot’s width available for use. Now it would be wonderful for you to join us, so in the near future I will film our run with a small digital camera. This way, you can run with us, feel our exhilaration, and hear the wind rushing by; only you won’t have to breathe in the L.A. smog with us. Of course, when I say on my resume that I’ve been running Hollywood, it is not entirely untrue…

Our generous sun is out now, and making our lives so worth living. Such a glory after the heavy rains we had a couple of weeks ago. Our lawn is freshly cut, I have watered Jeni’s flowers, herbs, ficus tree and strawberries, and with my health returned, travel is on the horizon. Life could not be any better. Also, we do so hope your enjoyment of our new and exciting website is equal to the excitement we feel building it. My thanks to Kent, Jeni, Mark, Carolyn, and of course myself! I am surprised, thrilled and flattered to see so many people have visited.

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I am releasing a large quantity of personal video footage in the near future, and some of the work I did as an entertainer, actor, creative producer, director of photography, and musical director on a whole range of projects. I am also including some of my personally favourite images. I may also add scanned pages from my personal journals sometime. So do stay in contact with www.John-Levene.com and let us entertain you with a deeper insight into the life of a man who could not believe his luck when given the role of Sgt. Benton in Doctor Who all those years ago. To be loved by so many people, never having met most of them is a deep honor.

Take care of you and yours. Remember in life, everything changes. May your god go with you ~ all you have to do is ask.

Sincerest regards,



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