We hope to do a more detailed blog about our recent visit to my beloved England, August 1 – 13, but for now a brief hello to the special people who stood up to the plate and thus endeared us to them.

Firstly to the lovely and attentive manageress of JJB Sports shop in my home city of Salisbury, for putting her self out to assist us in our purchases; and to Mickey, also in JJB, a character who you would go to war with and trust him with your life, who made my week with his gift for honesty ~ thank you, Mickey, and we know your upcoming marriage will work, barring some disaster.

We entered this shop expecting nothing, and came out with three golf clubs that appeared like a mirage before me in this unlikely of shops. You see, my clubs are Wilson, and they had slipped from the headlines in golf terms in the face of the two juggernauts of golf apparel, Nike & Callaway, and they are utterly un-findable in the US (at least in Los Angeles). So I could not find any of my desired brand (out of loyalty) hybrid clubs, to go with my 47-year-old set that I had just recently had cleaned and re-gripped. So after visiting three large shops in Los Angeles, I walked into this little general sports shop in Salisbury, England, and found, spread out amongst all the other brands, my soon-to-be new driver, my dream long and medium hybrids in metallic charcoal grey colour with every golfer’s dream carbon shafts. As they were last year’s model, they were on sale for just £25 each. Hybrids of the same quality in the USA are usually in the area of $390 per club, so it made my year. It wasn’t so much the money saving as it was the finding of my dream clubs, in my preferred brand, in my home town, of all places.

Drive carefully.



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