Having already recounted some memorable moments that occurred whilst in the company of my mother, I should like to expand on the subject of love, protection, care, and understanding. These actions or emotions are, I feel are, I feel, the mainstay of our whole existence. Not only do we need to feel that blanket of security around us, we in one sense have also instilled in ourselves the desire to draw these vital elements of survival out of our parents to allow ourselves some kind of strong base around which to build our own emotions.

When first we suckle our mother's breast, it is to be believed that this vital time is a pure necessity for both child and mother alike. It would be easy to presume that within our mother's milk are so many unknown ingredients, such as wisdom, nutrition, and minerals, to allow all of our working organs to form and function in the way God and nature intended.

For myself, this wonderment is utterly spectacular, for it is the root of our future love for that person who carried us, cared for us, and fought every inch of the way to protect us from harm. Whilst I understand that this protection should be our birthright, it does not alter the fact that in many cases, it is denied to some infants through circumstances beyond the child's and/or mother's control. When this happens, and instead of being instilled with tenderness and the warmth of being wanted, the opposite applies, the hardship of survival comes into play. Whilst a child cannot speak of his feelings and deep worries, he or she most certainly knows instinctively that the vital element called love is missing, and it is my belief that it is that moment when the individual begins the ride down the slippery slope of no return. Such, I imagine, is the way it always has been, and always will be, but I still find myself in silent prayer for the young, innocent victims of the bad side of this human tragedy. I will not harp for long on the downside of this sad state of affairs, for as we well know there are men and women who join together in a union of splendid wonderment, and out of that honest union can spring a child who will be the benefactor of all the good and precious things that can be given by caring, loving parents, so at least a percentage of children grow up with love in their hearts.

For myself, I experienced much of both ends of this spectrum. Always the obedient one, I came whenever my mother would call, always ready to do as I was asked, for I did not see the value of being stubborn or pig-headed. I must admit that in my adult years, I appear to fight very strongly against each and every situation that confronts me if I see that it is wrong or unjust in any way. But that attitude I am sure exists in many of us. If we are blessed with the ability to repel the bad things, then we should use that ability to stay sane in the midst of our individual adversity.

Still, when all is said and done, we have to do the best we can with what we have at our disposal, and I am more than happy to state that I am pleased beyond measure that I stood up and was counted at the times when I could have so easily sunk without trace. Because we can be sure of one thing, and that is the fact that there are millions of people out there in this wide world who wish us nothing but harm, and our job is to distance ourselves from these people and if possible make an effort to try and change them into kinder people, more understanding of their fellow man.


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