This evening I bathed in the light of a true Hollywood Star.

I stood in the reflective light of a star on Tuesday evening, thanks to a wonderful lady who made this fabulous occasion happen.

It all began 2½ years past when I met Sharon, a lady who shared the same passion as myself when it comes to recognizing special human beings.

I have been in the close proximity of one of the brightest stars in the Hollywood Sky. A man who’s choice of roles has made him an emotional hero to millions across the globe. An actor who you just cannot take your eye’s off.

Before I reveal the name of this Hollywood giant I would like to mention that as an invited guest to this extraordinary function I was given a seat in the centre of many close friends and family which allowed me to drink in some very special moments. One being the fact that I was immediately behind the lovely daughter of this amazing actor, and saw the love and pride that this man infuses into all that come in contact with him.

As I was a guest of the BFI, I found myself seated directly behind John Travolta’s daughter. To see her pride and excitement in watching and listening to her dad talking on stage was proof positive that he is the incredible man that we perceive him to be. Yes, it was John Travolta, on stage right there with us all.

Add to that the one in a 1000 chances of sitting right next to one of John’s closest friends and talking to one of his assistants (who just happened to be a Dr Who fan) culminated in one joyous exciting even exhilarating evening on the South Bank of the mighty River Thames, at a very prestigious venue “The British Film Institute.”

So as an actor myself I would like to thank John for his stunning body of work over the years and for wearing his Hollywood crown with such dignity and integrity. Lace that with his huge reservoir of explosive talent and then his apparent humanity which shines out of his eyes, which we know are the mirror of his soul. So, thank you to my dear friend Sharon Travolta for my introduction to a man I have always looked up to because he is so true to himself and his close and loving family.

He created an atmosphere of quality, class, dignity and blinding professionalism delivered to his mesmerized special audience with such a total lack of vanity or aloofness. Mr Travolta, you were all and more than I dared to expect, my heart told me you would be special and you unreservedly were.

So to our 300,000 visitors it is an enormous pleasure to be able to shout from the rooftops that Mr John Travolta displayed the very essence of what a true celebrity should be. Sgt John Benton salutes you John Travolta and family. “Cometh the hour, cometh the man”. What a wonderful stand out event it was. I wish with all my heart to thank Ms Sharon Travolta for making all of this happened. Also my gratitude to Mr Justin Johnson of the BFI for assisting me in attending this special evening.

Goodbye for now, and may your own particular God go with you.

John Levene


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