We have some wonderful news. Apart from being Sgt.Benton in Doctor Who, John has fulfilled another dream...to sing! John will be releasing his first CD entitled "The Ballads of Sgt. Benton" in Spring 2012!


THE BALLADS OF SGT. BENTON (proposed cover)


From John:


Like most of you who would have liked the opportunity to sing a favorite song, and not just in the bath, but those songs which were the backdrop life, the songs that moved or helped you during bad times, my dream has come true with the help of a top Hollywood composer/musician and recording artist. His name is Dave Siebels. Dave offered to produce my first CD, providing I had all the lyrics down and had a good ear for music. So the day arrived beginning a two day recording session which I honestly can say were two of the most vibrate and deeply satisfying days of my life! There is no way that I can say thank you to Dave enough for giving me the opportunity, the artistic support and the pure heart that he has extended to me over this recording session. The release date for this highly anticipated project is tentatively slated for sometime in Spring 2012. Titles included are:


And I Love Her
Both Sides Now
Here There and Everywhere
If I Were a Carpenter
Lady in Red
The Water is Wide
The Wind Beneath My Wings
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
Catch the Wind
In My Life
Things We Said Today
The Cat's in the Cradle


We would like to invite you to be some of the first to enjoy John’s life long dream singing the songs that were so important to him through out his life. Price for the CD is soon to be determined. If you would like to post an advanced reserve order for the CD entitled “The Ballads of Sgt. Benton” and updates regarding the CD's release, please contact kent@john-levene.com


All good wishes,

John "Sgt. Benton" Levene.






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