We would like to share, inform and update you more on the man behind Sgt. John Benton, take you to parts of his past, seeing and hearing things from his perspective. Let us take you a little further behind the magic curtain of the other-worldly world of Doctor Who, through the eyes of a passionate and complex man, known by many names. All this man’s names come down to the character he played on Doctor Who, that of Sgt. John Benton.


You will all, of course, have observed the enormity of this multi-media world we now have to exist in. Almost any human anywhere can now project a part of their personality to any one, whether it be the written word, a photo, a video clip, a montage, and more. So with that in mind, we are happy indeed to announce a revitalization of the Sergeant-at-Arms web site. We wish to continue to share with each of you that bother to visit us here, some insight into what life has been like, having been in this television phenomenon called Doctor Who.


What we wish for most, however, is simply that you are entertained and informed in a friendly and creative manner, and that you enjoy this energized upgrade.


My sincere thanks go to Kent Edens, a young man that has worked alongside me in creative concert on most of my Hollywood projects, along with his friend and associate Marc Ross , both fans of Doctor Who, in particular the classic series of the 1970s. We have a deep desire to project our combined love for The Doctor, especially with its brilliant return in the splendid hands of Julie Gardner, Russell T. Davies, and others.


With all of the above said, and all of our further dreams, there is one name, one person over the past several years who took the mantle of running my fan operations and web site from Pat Gerrisheim and Laura Palmer, to make our site what it is today, and will be tomorrow. This person, a beautiful talent with daring hobbies and enough energy to supply light to the entire city of Prince George, is Carolyn Ibis. Carolyn is now handing over the reins into the eager, creative hands of Kent and Marc, along with additional effort and advice put in by myself and my wonderful wife, Jennifer. Carolyn remains on the board, continuing to handle communications, public relations, and other various elements of the site, but with a lighter load.


We will endeavour to entertain you with a wider spectrum of my life as John Woods, a resident in Hollywood; John Levene, the actor who couldn’t use his real name because somebody more famous was already in possession of it; John Anthony Blake, the producer, M.C. and entertainer; and Sgt. John Benton, the character who started it all for me. I thank God, Douglas Camfield, Barry Letts, and Derrick Sherwin for casting me in the role of Benton, and for giving my life this whole new, exciting existence on earth. What more, in reality, could a man from the village of West Harnham, in Salisbury, Wiltshire, ask for? To be given the outside opportunity of belonging to an event such as Doctor who can only be called luck (bolstered by the appropriate quantity of effort and talent required for a supporting role).


Doctor Who is back in a big way, and it is about time.



Love to you all,

John Levene/Sgt. Benton










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