This blog is about our cruise to Acapulco with Doctor Who fans and actors, on the Sci-Fi Sea Cruise These are some of the moments that made our cruise enjoyable!

Firstly, thank you to Dan Harris for inviting Jeni and myself to join Sylvester and his son Sam, and Sophie, along with her charming and talented husband Vince and their two fabulous young sons, Adam and William, who made all our hearts melt.

Also a special mention to William who so endeared himself to Jeni on our coach trip home from San Diego to LAX. The interesting artwork that William put to paper with his lovely coloured crayons for Jeni we have of course kept! We have a gut feeling that at some time in his exciting life, he will become a designer of something special, either in clothing, costuming, or even set design. We will have to wait and see on that, as he is still only four years old

Then there is Adam, a future artistic performer if ever I saw one! I smell Oscars in his future! It was a joy to see him at work as the young Doctor, and lovely to see his young brother, William, in his turn as the young Master. So our deep emotional thanks to this extraordinary family unit, not to mention the lovability and talent of Vince and Sophie.

Along with us was the vibrant and ever-entertaining Mr. Sylvester McCoy, and his lovely son Sam, who added two more dimensions to this enjoyable venture into Mexico.

One more honorable mention to someone who turned out to be the energetic soul of our group, “Dancing” Dan Murphy. Also, a brief mention to others who affected us on the cruise: Jennifer, who directed much of our Doctor Who movie ~ how difficult that is on a moving ship! Never knowing how and where we all were and of course trying to film with 2,000 other passengers constantly walking, sitting, and talking at each location. Well done, Jennifer. You will see your worth when the pieces are edited together for the final print.

Thanks also to Jason for his wonderful personality, to John and Judy for allowing me to show John new tricks with his camera. A big hand of appreciation to Ed, our “Master”, and his new wife, Jennifer (so many Jennifers!) for the loan of her lovely wedding dress, which made our little movie look so good and authentic. To the rest of our cruise companions, Jack (for the second time), Richard, Joel, Mike, Matthew and his mum, and so many others whose names I cannot recall at this moment (there were thirty attendees, after all!), it all turned out rather nicely.

In terms of the overall human experience on board the “Carnival Spirit” trip, apart from their utterly stupid and immature slogan “The Fun Ship”, the cruise turned out well. This is only because of the people we were with, and nothing to do with Carnival.

The slogan “The Fun Ship” turns so many people off, as does being forced by crew and staff to smile when we disembark, so that outsiders would think that all of us were in a constant state of fun and laughter. Does anybody live like that? The Cruise Director is totally and utterly devoid of humour. So patronizing is she, it makes people sick. We avoided the shows because we did not want to risk catching her on stage.

Also sick on the cruise were all the children being forced to inhale deadly cigarette smoke on their way through the casino between dinner and the daily show, placed conveniently at opposite ends of this very large ship. Why do they allow the poisonous smoke on board? To keep reckless gamblers at their casino tables (what price greed?), hoping that their gambling will be as subconsciously habitual as their smoking? Of course the smoking gambler has more “fun” than any of the rest of us! So for the children who left the cruise with smoke in their lungs, well done, Carnival! Well done!

On a positive note, our cabin staff were lovely, as were the crew we met in the dining room, in the casual eating areas, and in passing. We would like to give a special mention to Marco at the front desk on the ship, for being so helpful and understanding, along with the ladies at the desk, who looked after us so well.

A brief mention to the lovely couples we met on the ship, Stephen & Pauline Harewood from Jersey; our “Princess” and her husband from New York, I believe, who sat at the table next to ours at dinner; the always happy and energetic lady and gentleman at the other table for two next to our table, who loved my cup-and-saucer joke; also Edie Buckner of Gayety Travel Service Inc. in New York (one day we’ll have her book us on our dream trip, a railway journey across India, on what she called “Palace on Wheels”); also, to any of the many other people that shared our time, no matter how brief. God bless you all, and do please leave a message on our site. We would love to hear from you!

So, thank you again, Dan Harris, for your effort and your invitation. We hope to join you again in the future.

May I conclude this blog by stating sincerely that being in Doctor Who all those years ago, and still receiving the kind words from fans of our show, to know that we have reached the hearts and souls of so many fans of all ages and ethnicities, still gives me a deep sense of pride! Also, our congratulations to Shawn Lyon for the remarkable success of Gallifrey for all these years. I hear this year’s show drew their largest attendance ever. I am so glad I used to be a part of this brilliant show, for fans of Doctor Who.

Good luck to each and every one of you, and may your particular god go with you!

Sincerest regards,

John Levene


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