This is an emotional dedication to a young teen with incredibly potent blood in his veins, from a part of my beloved Great Britain; North Yorkshire in general, Barnsley in particular.

Of all the entertainers who learn their trade in the streets, clubs, pubs, and theatres, only a smattering of actors achieve the coveted stature of appearing in a feature film. One such man is David Bradley, the afore-mentioned teen, who is now an adult of undetermined age.

Go back in time, if you will, to 1969, when black-and-white films were all the rage (and I think, to this day, more dramatic). There came out of the blue a film and a story that laid open the cruel, harsh, and often unjust burden on sections of our population, generally the working class. Though hard to endure, this climate can breed into a man an iron grip on courage; such was the inner spirit of pure undiluted grit. David’s performance as Billy in this film – all the way down to his crippling desperation and up to his soaring with his most beloved friend on earth, a kestrel falcon found and nurtured by the story’s hero – within the unfolding of this cinematic journey, is breathtaking and so down-to-earth, you can feel the mud on your face. In the cast also are some of the actors that I myself have appeared alongside early in my career. The story of which I speak is Kes, a Ken Loach film, adapted for the screen by Barry Hines from his own book A Kestrel for a Knave.

This film is hard to find in NTSC format (easier to find in PAL), but if you find it, and once you have seen it, you will be as moved as I found myself, howling in my soul and mind with the pain and anguish that beset Billy right up to the end. Except for a few bursts of humanity, the football match is a fabulous insight into working class lads, such as David and myself.

So it is with pleasure that I display this link to David Bradley’s official Kes website. Please join me, our inquisitive and wholly exciting visitors to John Levene.com, in extending the fondest hand of friendship and welcome to Mr. David Bradley. I hope to see him again, hopefully in the very near future.

Thank you, dear readers. My wish is that you will soar in the sky with Kes.




















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