I had stopped watching Doctor Who after Tom Baker, mainly because I had left my country and gone to sea. However, I have had occasion over the years to work with a few people from the eras after mine in our appearances as emissaries of the BBC (namely, at Doctor Who conventions and other Sci Fi events).

Sylvester and I first met at a convention in mid-America, and the first thing you think is where the fuck does all that energy come from?! He seems to live to be animated, not chained by the restrictions of convention. So I felt an immediate empathy for and with him, as his energy is similar to my own, only more vibrant. So you can imagine that most of we Doctor Who actors are aware of a loose bond, having been in the show at one time or another, as well as having worked with each other at the various shows over the years.

What makes knowing Sylvester all the more special is where he was at a particular time. He was there at the precise moment that Jeni and myself met, in St. Paul, Minnesota. I had been on my own for many years, and had gone to sea and learned about myself through vigorous isolation from all the bollocks that pervades our lives. What I found with my intense searching was not only myself and my own soul (the rough sea will do that to a person). I had become a bit of an introspective recluse (though those who’ve met me at shows will likely doubt this).

Still, conventions in the USA had begun and it was there that we, Sylvester and I, met. It was also on that trip I met Jeni and fell in love, in front of Sylvester’s eyes. He was so gracious about it (he knew of my situation, my dreadful divorce, and my recovery from TB). So the next day, my whole life had changed, and all the darkness went away.

There was a photo taken of Jeni, Sylvester and myself at a convention in San Jose a year or two later, which is very dear to us.



John, Jennifer & Sylvester 1989

This photo we have just repeated nearly twenty years later in February 2008, on Dan Harris’ cruise from San Diego to Acapulco. We were joined on this cruise by Sophie and her fantastic family, along with Sam, Sylvester’s son.

John, Jennifer & Sylvester, February 2008

So it is with joy that I thank Sylvester, Sam, Sophie, her wonderfully talented husband Vince and their two adorable sons, Adam (7) and William (4). We blended beautifully and we believe our fellow travelers enjoyed what we did and became involved in. So thank you, Sylvester, Sam, Dan, Sophie & Family, and our fellow cruisers.

Dan Harris' Dr. Who Sea Cruise, February 2008

Do keep an eye open on our site, as we will be putting out our footage once I have cleared permission from all concerned. Until then, I hope you like our effort.

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