Below you will find a tribute by John to Mr. Charles Martin. Accompanying the tribute is a highly requested clip some twenty odd years old of Charles interviewing John. It will no doubt entertain you again and again as it does me with each subsequent viewing. *WARNING ~ No intake of liquids at any time during the viewing! You may find your drink of choice spewing in the direction of your highly expensive computer. We at wouldn’t want that on our conscious, now would we?


In Doctor Who’s heyday in the United States of America, it was a dream come true to belong to a mega-popular piece of the twentieth century. It is a badge I love to wear. Over those wonderful years, we were talked at, talked through, talked about, and on the odd occasion, we enjoyed talking with an interviewer who not only knew his subject upside-down and inside-out, but also did what so few with a microphone bother to do, and that is prepare, prepare, prepare.

So it is with great pleasure, in so many ways, that we do indeed pay tribute to Charles Martin, his absolutely fabulous attitude, and his love of Doctor Who. Charles is among the most talented and knowledgeable of hosts I have ever worked with, and a most professional amateur in this magnificent realm of sci-fi, especially Doctor Who. He is always on top of his game with energetic vibrancy, and is so amiable and amenable, both on-air and off.

One other Doctor Who actor said on three occasions I remember (Jeni was with me at one of those moments) how entertained he felt any time Charles was involved! The reason I have pointed Charles out is to thank him for what you are about to see, dragged up from the vaults of the Dan Harris video collection, made originally for the use of a Miami PBS station.

I will now suffer the indignity of the truth coming out, but as truth will out, kindly click on the link to share in my (funny) humiliation.

John Levene




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