Over the years, and the many conventions we have been invited to, one man sticks out who has always amazed me with his ability to entertain, a man who I saw and was immediately impressed by some fifteen years ago. This man could do everything most of us are too embarrassed to do, which is to take the extroverted side of his personality and make it shine. This accolade rests firmly on the shoulder of “the King, Elvis Presley” (in the karaoke show on our cruise) ~ known to us as Mr. Dancing Dan Murphy! Whether it be karaoke or ship-board activities, he made our trip! Thank you, Dan. We are editing together a little bit of footage to thank him for his effort and entertainment, a touch of his “Rocky Horror Picture Show” number, plus a little footage from our cruise. Sadly we could not video his Elvis performance in the closing show of our cruise.

So thank you, Dan, from a man who just could not do what you do. I hope very much that our paths cross again sometime. Also, to hope that you find the love you seek. You deserve it for all you have done in life. So, to you and all our web visitors, enjoy this unusual footage of Dancing Dan's performance from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Fondest good wishes readers, and especially to you Dan (and a touch of envy at your talent),

John Levene









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