Dear Visitors, We are thrilled at the wonderful response to "The Charles Martin Experiment" After the superb ideas of "What happens next?" were submitted and read, we are happy to announce that we have a winner:

CASSANDRA ~~ From Connecticut

Cassandra will be receiving a personalized photo of John, her own blog entry and one or two other surprises. Our very best wishes and creative thanks to Cassandra for the funniest alternate ending submission. But first, an encore presentation:



The original clip this wonderful experiment is based.

And now, Cassandra's suggested ending:

"As John and Charles walk away down the street, a car pulls up in front of them. An irate woman with immaculate hair and a smart suite glares ferociously at them from the passenger window. She gets out and stalks towards them with her hands on her hips and deeply offended expression on her face. For a long, uncomfortable moment, she scrutinizes them. “What on earth do you think you're wearing!" She scolds John loudly, jabbing an accusing finger at him. "That jacket! It doesn't go with pink at all!"

And now we invite you, our readers, to view the actual final scene of the tutu sketch.




We might add that when this sequence was filmed in Miami, for Miami Public Television, we were next to a two-lane freeway, and as the shoot progressed, more and more cars pulled off to watch us. If you watch my face, you will see me fight back laughter. It really was a joy to do.


If you liked my failed attempt at joining the Royal Ballet, we feel you will enjoy equally our next offering, "Sgt. Benton and the Red Dwarf Affair", co-starring a friend of mine, Robert Llewellyn, from the cast of Red Dwarf.





In closing, we extend our best wishes for the coming season, and hope to see you revisit this diverse, informative, and entertaining website. To all of you ladies, gentleman, and children (and your pets), in England, the USA, Asia, Canada, and all of the other countries not mentioned, we hope to see you all through the holidays and into the new year safe, sound, and hopefully with your jobs intact.

Good wishes, and may your god go with you.



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