All of us at are so overjoyed at the response to our diverse and entertaining website. As Sgt. John Benton of UNIT on Doctor Who, you can imagine John's pride at the never-ending interest shown to all of the actors that were lucky enough to have been involved in this vital slice of English culture, however almost as much pride and excitement was attached to John's other talent, that of putting music with images.




Back in the 1980s and 1990s, these audio-visuals won major awards, so we invite you to feel John's creative juices pour on to your screen.





John delights in the pure visual power of these "mini-movies". He took up to 80 hours to find and select the very best music of the day.



From "WINGS"


The 35mm transparencies were shot by England's top photographers, and they chose John to combine their works of art and create these compilations, themselves works of art in their own right. So please pump up your volume, sit back, and enjoy this other creative side to UNIT's favourite Sgt. Until we meet sometime, we wish you all you wish yourselves, and may your god go with you in these trying times.



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