Welcome, to our valued visitors! What follows has been put together with all the pride, history, and all the other emotions that are inherent in anyone who was lucky enough to be born the son of a Medieval city such as my birthplace. Salisbury, Wiltshire, in the South of England, has a history that reaches back into the very heart of Great Britain. So do join us on a fascinating tour of just some of the spectacular places in my home town. We have found a replica of RSM Benton's uniform, for those of you that know me from the Doctor Who series, and I am wearing it in part of the clip, just for you. Please sit back and see what a joy it was to walk amongst such history. Also please note my childhood classroom from 1950 to 1959, which is now a tea room. Also, on a most personal level, I wish you luck in this, the unluckiest of times. Stop buying what you do not require or need. Stop a couple of habits (your choice) and cook more basic foods and maybe they will slaughter one less creature on your behalf! Good luck to all of you that share in our diverse and entertaining website. ~ John

















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