It is always a pleasure to tip one’s hat to a friend who achieves any quantity of creative success! One such friend is James Felix McKenney.


I first met James in Burbank, approximately fifteen years ago. Like most actors and producers, we often have to take on other occupations to survive until we possibly reach the point where we end up doing what our hearts enjoy, that of our chosen interest. This is exactly what happened for James, who I met when he was working briefly in a copy shop in Burbank.


In brief, he left Burbank for New York, both cities that are more than tough to survive in. Sure enough, James landed on his creative feet with Monsterpants/Glass Eye Pix, where his creative juices flowed.

He called me one day with a small part in a creative small-budget project, to play a self-help charlatan, “Bernie Shanks”, in his 2002 film “Canniballistic”.




After that I had the pleasure of playing for him a small five-second cameo in a piece that he wrote, produced, and directed, a clever, inventive project called “Automatons”, an atmospheric view of life in a world of chaos. James also had me reprise the role of Bernie Shanks, who had become a shady televangelist, in a film called “Satan Hates You”, a 2009 release.



As always, James, thank you for the pleasure of working with you and your talent, and wonderful imagination. Until our next project, we wish you all you wish yourself. It was lovely seeing James on his rare visit back to L.A. earlier this year, and a big thank you for the curry you treated Jeni and myself to, at our favorite Indian restaurant. Good luck with your life, your future projects, and fondest regards to you and the lovely lady in your life. As mentioned earlier, doing work with someone you like, trust, and regard is always a lovely thing to do, so please do enjoy the best five-second scene I have done in many years. I was more than pleased with how wonderfully it all worked out. My kindest regards,

John Levene


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