Last year we were all at sea, and the person responsible for putting us in that situation was Mr. Dan Harris!

We had the good fortune to be invited on his 2008 SCI-FI SEA CRUISE to Acapulco, Mexico, in the splendid company of Sophie Aldred and her lovely and talented husband, their two wonderful boys, William and Adam, along with the always-entertaining Sylvester McCoy, who had with him his son, Sam.



Ed Comstock as the Master

leads a newly wedded Benton, John Levene


Joining us was a lovely mix of ladies and gentlemen who are enthusiasts of all things science fiction, but Doctor Who in particular.  We sailed from San Diego.  The entire trip was flawlessly run and executed by Dan, who made absolutely sure that we were content.

One lovely element of those who made the good decision to do a “celebrity” cruise is that it is so much fun to closely interact with people who know us so well through our Doctor who personas, for them to be free to talk and to ask any question they wish.

So please enjoy the fruits of our hard work and dedication to Dan’s pursuit of making the cruise reflect everyone’s creativity.  Below is a special acknowledgement which contains moments from this year's cruise and from the past, incorporating clips from Dan Harris’ on-board movie.  Visit Dan’s site, check out the cruise information...




Take the cruise... and you may just find yourself in a movie with an actor you have always admired.



The 2010 guest list for the Sci-Fi "Doctor Who" Sea Cruise




Thank you for watching, and thank you, Dan, for a wonderful time.

Best wishes,

John "Sgt. Benton" Levene



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