With Christmas looming upon us, may I straight away wish you the Christmas you wish yourself.  Of course my birthday, being Christmas Eve, does add a little extra attention for me.  With all the trouble there is across the globe, Christmas is one of those times when one can push those uncomfortable thoughts to the back of one's mind, and keep at bay with a barrier of roast turkey and alcohol.  So, with that in mind, I would like to turn a happy face, and a happy thought, to the human being I would like to dedicate our Christmas to.  This is a man, who, like myself, appeared in Doctor Who for a short-ish period of time, but made a pleasant impact.  This is someone who I met a year into his tenure on Doctor Who.  I had heard good things about him, but up until that time I had not appeared with him in any way, shape or form.  Well, this all changed one day, when I got on the same flight to Chicago as this actor I talk of.

In one sense it was an accidental meeting.  From the very moment we were introduced, I knew I had something in common with him.  I did not know how this would enhance our future friendship.  I use the word friendship knowingly, as he was vital to my survival in an exceedingly difficult time of my life.  I often crack a gag, upon meeting someone who interests me, but only if the gag that comes to mind is classy and suited to the person I'm about to aim it at.  What inspired our friendship, on this particular occasion, happened to be a series of airport gags, which were topical at the time.  His response to my jokes was so heartwarming that it gave me the confidence to spread my wings in terms of trying new material.  What followed then was a close and treasured friendship.  He was always there when I needed him and I was always excited when he ended up doing the same show as me.

So now it's about time that I declare his hame; Mr. Anthony Ainley, who played The Master in his second television incarnation.



Anthony Ainley ~~ Always engaging, never failed to entertain his audiences.


He is the focus of my nostalgic thought leading into this holiday season, brought on by researching old footage of old cabarets past, and realising just how much we miss his unique talent.  He saw himself as a vaudevillian act, for that is the period his father, Henry Ainley, was hugely famous in.

Like myself, Anthony tried a little bit of everything.  Even though we weren't extremely good at any one of those things, our efforts and desire to entertain showed us in a good light.  I miss him terribly for that one simple reason.  He never failed to make me happy and joyous.




John Levene, Sylvester McCoy and Anthony Ainley enjoy sharing a panel together.


These personalities come along so rarely, keeping in mind, readers, that I had the distinct pleasure of being a close friend and confidant of Mr. Jon Pertwee, having a close and happy relationship to Roger Delgado, and a happy, upbeat, and lighthearted relationship to Katy Manning.  So with that pedigree behind me, and Jon and Roger now passed on, it was wonderful to have Anthony Ainley replace those happy and joyous moments in my life.



Anthony Ainley, Jon Pertwee & John Levene field questions from fans.


With my head leaning backwards, facing the sky, I wish him and the TARDIS that took him there a safe and happy voyage to places unseen.  If ever you have the desire, our door is always open for you to stop in and say hello again, should your travels take you forward in time.

As we dedicate this to Anthony, let us now momentarily shine the prism on all of you, our readers, for all of your time, your bother, and your interest in our site, which reflects the hard work of the substance we put into it.  We feel, without vanity, that the pure numbers of you that visit our site reflect exactly our intention of entertaining, informing, and giving you something to think about.   Be as good as you can, to as many people as you can, for as long as you can, and if there is any part of your life that you don't enjoy or know is wrong this year, try to find something different within yourself to make next year better.

Be safe, be kind, and may your god go with you.

John Levene


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