~ A brief introduction from John Levene ~

These images of the English countryside were composed by the consummate eye of my childhood friend, Len Watts. We were in school together from the age of 5. He now resides in Poole, Dorset. Please enjoy these images taken over the Christmas Holidays.


An Overture

A number of adjectives come to mind in viewing Mr. Watts' photography: pastoral, grandiose, monumental, palatial, and stately. His photographs capture a variety of moments, from the large in scope to the magnification of overlooked beauty in our daily lives.John has requested I place these photos of Mr. Watts’ on our site for some time, but I delayed until I found a music cue fitting the photography.

One composer who never shied away from producing big, bold, arrangements was Elmer Bernstein.  A few of Mr. Bernstein epic scores include The Magnificent Seven, the original version of True Grit starring John Wayne, and The Sons of Katie Elder, also with John Wayne and co-starring Dean Martin. It is the majestic composition of this latter film that I have married to Mr. Watts’ imagery. You are in great company, Mr. Watts, and I believe Mr. Bernstein would feel just as honored to have one of his scores coupled yet again with photography fit for the cinema.

John knows my fondness for classic film scores, so the selection won’t surprise him. He’s also aware I’m not afraid to “go for the gusto” either. From the onset of, John has blessed me with creative freedom and I hope he and Mr. Watts enjoy my selection. For the very first time, John is just as much in the viewer's seat as anyone visiting our site.

















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